Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Victoria “Vicky” Coren : British Poker Babe

An author, journalist, TV personaliy and a poker player, take your pick and put them in any order. Vicky Coren is the hottest poker player that stopped all the bad boys fighting at school and made them all be friends again.

She looks good, likes a cigarette and plays poker that pretty much ticks all the boxes of every bad boy in town. Who can resist that!

She is a talented player, one who has a major win to her credit. A true new dawn woman, she is famous for a great deal outside the poker world.

Victoria Coren has been playing poker for 15 years, since she was a teenager. She is primarily a cash player, based at the Grosvenor Victoria Casino in London, but has been taking part in international tournaments since 2001.

She has impressed onlookers and rivals with her sophisticated play at this years European Poker Tournament (EPT) event in London. Victoria has cashed in several major tournaments at “The Vic” and was the winner of the 2004 Celebrity Poker Challenge. And off course the 1st ever woman to win an EPT event.

Vicky Coren was also one of the regulars in the original few series of Late Night Poker as well as the champion of one of the first celebrity poker shows, Celebrity Poker Club, which wouldn’t normally be a big determinant of skill but the final table did feature Steve Davis, Barry Hearn, Norman Pace and Willie Thorne, all of whom are serious poker players. Coren also presented a number of poker shows, including more recent series of Late Night Poker.

Off the poker table, Vicky Coren writes for a range of British newspapers, has written 3 books and presents various radio and TV programmes for the BBC and Channel 4. She is a presenter of the BBC show Balderdash and Piffle, and BBC Radio’s Off the Page. Her television and writing skills alone would make her a fabulously successful person.

Vicky Coren is a true asset for PokerStars. Also, a highly visible as both a poker journalist, who writes weekly columns for "The Observer" and "The Guardian".

Though Vicky Coren isn't as well known in the US, however, she is one most top ten poker hotties in Europe. With her charming poker skills makes her appealing as a hottest poker player.

Vicky Coren is now the second highest earning female tournament player in England and 11th highest female poker player in the world, which is remarkable considering she is predominantly a cash game player and doesn’t play many tournaments.

Victoria has earned the respect of fans and her fellow pro players. She is a member of Team PokerStars Pro and plays online using the screen name "Vicky Coren".

Vicky Coren may be as much a great journalist and a poker player, but make no mistake Vicky Coren is a true poker player and will always be one of the favorites all over the world at any table she sits at.

EPT 3, London - Strong Play From Victoria Coren

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